3 Tips for Proper Trailer Towing

Posted on: February 8, 2018

Spring is going to be here before we know it, and with it comes family vacations and fishing trips to Buffalo Springs Lake and Lake Alan Henry. If you’re looking to take a fun road trip with a travel trailer or haul your boat to the lake to wet some lines, you’ll want to make sure your towing know-how is refreshed before you hit the road. You’ll definitely want to check your owner’s manual before you hitch up, but here are some of our favorite tips to consider:

  • Keep your vehicle’s towing capacity in mind. While this may seem elementary, the fact is that we all know better than to strain our back trying to lift a heavy box — but people do it every day. If you attempt to load your vehicle with too much weight, or ask it to tow something it’s not capable of towing, you risk damaging your transmission, engine, axles, brakes and wheel bearings.
  • Check your equipment, and then do it again. Twice. Typically, towing involves four elements that work together to keep your vehicle and trailer united as you roll down the road: the hitch, the hitch receiver, a drawbar and a hitch ball. It’s essential that you make sure that you reference the towing guide, along with your owner’s manual, to ensure that you choose towing equipment that can handle the load.
  • Make sure to take safety precautions. Since other drivers can’t see your tail lights or turn signals when you’re towing something, you’ll want to hook up your trailer lights. It’s also a sound idea to double-cross a set of chains under the hitch, forming an X, to add another layer of security to the hitch setup. You’ll want to make sure your tires are properly inflated, and it’s advisable that you drive slower than you’re used to since you’re hauling a heavier-than-normal load.

To speak with one of our knowledgeable team members and learn more about our selection of trailer hitches from Curt and B&W Trailer Hitches, contact Gene Messer Accessories at your convenience.

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Gene Messer Accessories Can Help You Maximize Your Vehicle’s Storage Capabilities

Posted on: January 22, 2018

At Gene Messer Accessories, we’re always looking for new and inventive ways to help our customers personalize and improve their trucks or SUVs. One of our favorite options, especially in the dead of winter, is adding under-seat storage. Not only does this allow you to maximize your available storage, it also makes for a handy way of taking advantage of space that otherwise would go unused.

When you shop our inventory of under-seat storage options, you’ll find solutions from such trusted names as DU-HA and Husky. Whether you’re looking for extra cargo space during hunting season, somewhere to stow away the toys when you’re kids aren’t riding with you, need a smart spot to store your emergency jumper cables and first aid kit, or just need somewhere to organize and stow your belongings, an under-seat storage unit is an ideal way to keep your possessions out of the way.

Even if you’ve got storage options already installed in your truck bed, under-seat storage just makes sound sense. It offers a convenient way to keep important belongings safe from both bad weather and the prying eyes of strangers, providing you with an added layer of security.

Are you interested in learning more about our under-seat storage options, or any of the many other accessories we offer for customizing your truck or SUV? Contact Gene Messer Accessories and ask to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members.

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Give Your Truck a Facelift for the New Year, Thanks to Gene Messer Accessories

Posted on: January 8, 2018

It seems like we make the same old resolutions every year: eat better, get more sleep, lose weight, and so on. Don’t you think it’s time you chose a new resolution, and one that’s easy to accomplish at that? When you resolve to fix up or customize your daily driver, a visit to the experts as Gene Messer Accessories is all it takes to check that achievement off your list.

We’re well-known throughout the greater Lubbock area for our tremendous selection of accessories, as well as our commitment to delivering superior customer service. Not only do we offer the widest range of accessories for your truck or SUV, but our team can offer you the sound advice you need when trying to determine which options are the best for your particular vehicle and needs. In the rare occurrence that we don’t have the product you’re looking for, we’ll arrange to get it delivered as soon as possible.

If you’re in search of an exterior accessory, such as bed covers, suspension kits, tool boxes or trailer hitches, we feature a quality inventory from such recognized names as Cattleman, Firestone, Aries, Big Country and more — so you can trust in the equipment you’re adding.

Have you decided to upgrade your vehicle’s interior? Our assortment of interior accessories offers you the opportunity to add audio or entertainment systems, switch to leather seating, or upgrade your floor mats to ones that are better able to withstand the daily rigors.

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You Should Consider Adding Bed Rails to Your Truck

Posted on: December 19, 2017

Bed rails not only add a great stylish touch to your truck, but they also serve an extremely utilitarian purpose. You see, they’ll help protect your truck’s surface from scratches and dents that may come about when you’re loading cargo into the truck’s bed, and they also offer added security when you’re looking to tie down a large or strangely-shaped cargo load.

Of course, bed rails also add a stylish touch to your truck, allowing you yet another way to customize your pickup to stand out from the pack. Bed rails are available in many styles and lengths, so it’s important that you do some research and decide which are the best ones for both your style and your truck.

One of our favorite things about bed rails is the fact that they can be added in conjunction with other truck accessories, such as tool boxes, to truly make your truck a one-of-a-kind wonder. We think that once you’ve done your research, you’ll agree that these extremely-functional accessories also make a great style statement on their own.

At Gene Messer Accessories, we’re proud to offer ProMaxx bed rails in an array of colors to meet your needs. Contact us to speak with a member of our team and learn more about the variety of bed rails that you can add to your truck.

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Top Detailing Tips to Make Your Truck Shine Like the Star it is

Posted on: December 5, 2017

When you own a truck, it becomes an extension of you. The last thing you want is for your truck to look filthy, especially if you’ve committed time and money into trimming it out with such extras as a bed liner, a grille guard, mud flaps and more. Here are some of our favorite tips for getting a great shine the next time you wash your truck.

  • Start washing at the top, and work your way down in sections. If you wash your truck once a week at home, it helps you to control all variables and keep your ride clean. Try to use a bucket with a grate at the bottom, which lets all the dirt you’ve just washed off safely escape the water you’re using. Lastly, never use dish soap when you wash your truck. Because it’s abrasive, it can speed up the oxidation process and erode the wax coat you’ve so diligently applied.
  • Before you clean the wheels, make sure you’re using a product that’s designed for that type of wheel. If you’re unsure, it’s safest to go with soap and water. If using a wheel cleaner, spray from the bottom up — and after the wheels have cooled down. A soft nylon brush is ideal for scrubbing, and make sure to dry them thoroughly to avoid water spots. Tires should be scrubbed with a cleaner to remove the old layer of dressing before you apply new product, and you should use a foam applicator to apply the product evenly to the tire’s sidewall.
  • One of our favorite tips we’ve gotten was to separate the towels you plan to use, and then use a marker to note what part of your truck they’ll be used for. After all, the last thing you want to do is use a towel that’s covered in wheel cleaner on your shiny paint job.

At Gene Messer Accessories, we’re well stocked with the exterior and interior accessories you need to truly personalize your truck. Swing on by our showroom at 4633 50th Street in Lubbock at your convenience and let our professional staff help you.

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